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Timothy Korn

Timothy Korn

I was deeply saddened to recently learn of Tim's passing. Thanks to Jim Purtell for letting me know.  I do not have any particulars but as sooon as I can find more information, I will post them here.  Tim, I remember you at St. Anselm, especially your size.  I believe you were given the nickname "Baby Huey" after the cartoon character. This name followed through our high school days and I vividly remember a skit we, as Seniors., performed.  Our group consisted of Bill Costello, Mike Quinn, Bill Finn, myself, you, and several others I can't recall.  I was playing background piano and the first part we sang (or tried to sing)"Ebony Eyes" by the Everly Brothers.  Towards the end of the song, Bill Costello dramatically acted the part the broke guy in the song ending with tears and wailing.  During this part of the skit you entered on stage with us but simply moved to the front of the group and laid of the floor during this song.  Most people in the Gym, chuckled and laughed at the sight of Tim Korn in the prone position.  The hilarious thing is that you were dressed as BABU HUEY - wearing a baby bonnet, and holding a large rattle in your hand.  But you had guts my friend, because all you we clad in was a giant diaper, held by several very large safety pins. I think most of the audience was slightly perplexed as to why you there.  Howerver, you were in our finale - in fact the ending our show brougth loud cheers and laugther.  What was the finale?  It began with myself exiting and walking over to this large person dressed a diaper and started speaking to him in a sad and emotional tone.  I can't remember all of the words nor the name of the song but it was a song that was popular during our senior.  It had backing chorus which answer the words Yah yah or other short exclaimations as I paused. In addtion the group also be humming softly as I spoke.  The song told about a guy that has lost his girl and is relating the story. It began with the words: "Did ya ever loose a love one?" Ya Ya "Well I did!"  The story continues along where he goes downtown looking for girl - I really can not remember all the words (80 year old fading mind) but the song ends with boy finding his girl and she get shot (don't remember how or who did it), but the words contiune (now remember I am standing over a giant and motionless BABY HUEY all this. In the end - the parting words of the song goes something like this : Baby, baby, I'M so sorry - i love you - And with last dying words my looks up and says "Doo doo doo doo".This is how the song ended.  And I finished those words : Tim Korn who had be motionless on the stage for 15 minute, Tim Korn was dressed exactly like Baby Huey, looked up as I looked and said the same words: Doo doo doo doo! Although my memory of this incident may not be as detailed as the actually event, this is how remember Tim. A kind and gentle giant who was so generous to all especially inviting all classs members to his Inn in St. Helena.

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04/02/24 08:30 AM #1    

Joan Moran

It is with sadness that I read thismorning of Tim Korn's passing. I didn't know him well in school, but I was lucky enought have a great conversation with him at his Inn in St. Helena's at our 50th high school reunion. He had a big personality and was very bright and funny. He was too young to leave the earthg. May he rest in peace.

Joan Moran


04/03/24 02:38 PM #2    

David Fitzharris

Back in September, 2011, I was involved in site selection for our 50th Reunion.  For part of that, Valerie and I stayed with Tim at his wonderful guest ranch in Glen Ellen, Relais Du Soleil (French for A Stop In The Sun). He treated us with great food, wine and stories.  I got to know more about Tim in that visit than I had during four years of high school.  Including, incidentally, that he hated being called Baby Huey!  After Antone's description of the skit, I can understand why.  But he did it with humor and without rancor.

Tim's guest ranch was demolished by the Nuns Fire in 2017.  There was no way he could rebuild what he lost.  I lost touch with him after that, but I know he had serious health problems and moved to a rural part of Hawaii.  I had him on my distribution list, but I guess he was out of Internet range.

Jim Purtell recently messaged me with news of his passing, which was apparently in 2022, not 2023.  Here is what Jim sent me:

Hi, Dave

Tim died in 2022. After being in Kona, Hawaii, and ailing for a number of years, his family brought him back to Sonoma and put him in an assisted living home where he lasted for a couple of months. The staff there said they had never had a resident with so many visitors. He’s buried in a family plot up on a hill above Sonoma, his ashes in a box made of Koa wood by John Petrica, an old friend of Tim’s from Marin Catholic who lives here in Sonoma and does fine woodworking, mostly cabinets for high end kitchen remodels.

Peace. Jim P.

Tim was a great guy, picked up his joie de vivre while living in France and made good use of his time with us on Earth.  He is missed.


04/03/24 08:48 PM #3    

Beth Mellin (Pawlick)

I was sad to learn of Tim's death and  also  of his later years of incapacitation. I have memories of him  from St Anselm's school  as well as a day out at a beachhouse at Seadrift with  our families, including his mother Elsie, who was Dr Fred Adams nurse. This would have been about 1955.   He was vibrant and fun.  Condolences to his family for their huge loss..

04/03/24 08:55 PM #4    

Gary Ragghianti

I was sorry to earn ofTim's passing , especially since it occurred in 2022.

Tim's photo sent me back to our high school days immediately.

Each one of our classmates who we lose as the years cintinue their unstoppable march diminishes us all.

May you rest in peace Tim


04/04/24 07:25 AM #5    

Edward O'Connell (O'Connellinin)

Tim fell on me once.  I never recovered and was so brain-damaged I ended up as an alcoholic/dope-fiend/atheist/ex-convict & sex-addict.  No blame though, it weren't his fault ... I was so (comparatively) small he tripped over me ... was so small, in fact, that most folks @ Marin Katholic didn't even know I was around most of the time ... if at all. // With all that aside, I don't like to see any of us bite the dirt.  Tim was a helluva guy and I remember enjoyin' goin' to his place after our 50th re-onion. // Mayb Antone and Dave will set up another (75 year?) re-onion if any of us are still hangin' in there. // Meanwhile I'll honor 'Ol Tim out in nature on one 'o my mountain bike rides. // Hope the rest 'o you scoundrels & scoundrelettes are doin okay and coping with our own pending demises. devil - 'Ol Ed (Up in the Sierras & still able to walk without a cane or have his diapers changed by others. surprise

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