In Memory

William Costello

William Costello


In Memory


It is with a most heavy heart that I inform you that our classmate, Bill Costello, passed away.
Please remember him and his family in your prayers.  I am so thankful that I was able to see him and to talk with him at our Reunion.  The following is a copy from the San Jose Mercury:


Take care my friends,  Antone

Bill at our 50th Reunion

Pat O'Malley & Bill at the 50th Reunion

Bill, Pat & Jerry at the 30th Reunion


20th Reunion

Bill and his family (he sent me this two weeks before our reunion)

Here is what he said in his email:

Here is our bunch plus there is one more just born 7/11,  Ellie to Dave and Christine
Pamela and I claim the three older girls

I'll look for something old or young as the case maybe

Thanks for all your hard work on this--- check is in the mail

Top left Dave , Christine, Alex,Mollie, Michael
Bottom left guess who or Brendan,  Pamela and Madeline


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10/30/11 09:46 PM #10    

Antone Sousa

FROM JERRY CROWE: Jerry's comment was removed by ? (we think it was censorship for a certain word) but it was such an appropriate and wonderful comment, that I put it back in.

  Gerald Crowe
10/30/11 09:02 PM
  Antone,I think the host removed it because I used the F word.Father Hurly is still lurking.They changed fucker to rat in the funeral home book.Funeral is Thursday at 10:oo at St mary's church in Los Gatos.Will not be there as I will be on my way to Hawaii with Pat and Paul.Have Bill's blessing to miss the funeral as it is a golf trip.

Bill and I went to kindergarten together and lived around the corner from each other in Larkspur.My mother once told me,after we reconnected at MC, that he use to steal my toys.I know he stole a lot of my girlfriends.We spent the weekend of the reunion together playing golf,imbibing and trying to remember what thought just flew out of our head.We talked about his heart valve problem and he was not convinced to have the surgery even though the four women in his life were saying "do it".I put my 2 cents in and also encouraged him to have it done.Damned if you do--damned if you don't  .Over the years, Bill rarely talked about the accident that he and Bob were in, but I think he always felt that whatever time he had left was"borrowed".Last night as I had just poured my umpteenth vodka of Kettle (he made me buy it cuz he wouldn't drink the cheap shit I normally buy)the bottom of the glass fell out.Just dropped to the floor.Losing a full glass.I looked up and said " you f..ker nice trick".Today I realized Bob had a hand in the trick and they both had a good laugh.They are waiting.

10/31/11 09:30 AM #11    

Michael Daly

To Bill Costello's Family,

We extend our condolences upon your loss and wish you all well.

Bill was one of the leading student figures at M.C. and will certainly be missed by all.


Mike Daly





10/31/11 01:00 PM #12    

Luisa Miranda (Sofaer)

I guess we are at that age when we start losing friends, relatives, and acquaintances.  I echo the sentiment of many:  How great Bill made the reunion.   Unfortunately, he was among too many of those I didn't get a chance to speak with at any length - or at all.  My loss.  In many ways, the weekend was a blur of memories, surprises, but mostly warm feelings.  I along with the Class of '61 send my sincerest condolences to Bill's family.  I hope the many years of memories that make you smile will help ease the pain of loss.  Losing a loved one is something we all manage to get through, but seldom, if ever, get over.

With fond and affectionate memories,

Luisa Miranda-Sofaer

10/31/11 03:40 PM #13    

Gary Ragghianti

Bill's passing was a profound and unexopected shock coming so close on the heels of our reunion

I learned of Bill's death from Antone. I recall simply staring at the computer screen in disbelief. At the reunion I spent  some time in the bar with Bill after the dinner just taliking about where we had been over the intervrning 50 years, how swift time continued to pass and how the years we spent at MC seemed such a special time always frozen in our memories. We spoke about family, and we spoke about our health which  seems to always come up at our age. This subject caused him to bring up his heart issues. I remember telling him to do what all of the women in his life were telling him to do, remnindng hm that I was the only male in a home full of women and i had found it easier to simply do what I was told. That produced a good and I think understanding laugh. A final drink followed and I headed home, giving him a hug as I left. The very last words I spoke to him were that it was good to see him after such a long time and what a great run we all had at MCHS.

In the expression of one's grief there is always a measure of catharsis and writing this helps deal with the shock of coming to grips with Bill's loss. I express to his wife and children my deepest sympathies. May the good Lord keep him and may he rest in peace always.

I reget not being able to attend Thursday's services. I have a court date unfortunately.

Gary T. Ragghianti

11/01/11 07:40 AM #14    

Robert Neilan

It was great to see Bill at the reunion and to share the table with him at the dinner.

The shock and sorrow of receiving Antone's email about Bill's passing was more severe because of the freshness of the memories and warm feelings from the reunion weekend.

RuthiE joins me in sending our sincere condolences to the Costello family.

11/01/11 09:49 AM #15    

Antone Sousa

Pat Fogarty Bringel


Dear Antone,


Thanks so much for keeping me abreast of the details of Bill's passing.  It is such a shock!   Bill and I go back a very long way, and I feel blessed having sat next to him at the reunion dinner.   We laughed about our connection as youngsters, as our families shared many festivities at St. Patrick's Church in Larkspur.  Bill lived, in what I thought to be a mansion back then in the 50's, directly across the street from the church.  Although we had little personal contact in our later school years, whenever our paths did cross, he presented himself with confidence and pride, and reflected a  special respect of our friendship.  Fifty years later, those same qualities were present.   May he rest in Peace.


Pat Fogarty Bringel   

11/01/11 04:00 PM #16    

Antone Sousa

From:     Carol Lagomarsino Boyd

Thank you Antone (and Jerry Crowe) for letting us know about another loss to our graduating class. I'm so very glad we were able to see Bill at Deer Park and also at Tim's on Sunday. Love and prayers to his family.


11/02/11 08:42 PM #17    

Anne Cunningham (Grycz)

To Bill's Family,

I am shocked and saddened to learn of Bill's death - we had a lovely converation at the reunion remembering times 50 years ago.  Please be assured of my prayers for Bill and for you.  May you find comfort in the Church's assertion: "Lord, for your faithful people life is changed, not ended".

You are in my mind and heart...





11/04/11 02:48 PM #18    

Antone Sousa

From: Carole Nannery Chicoine

Our prayers and sympathies to Bill's family in this time of great loss. I was happy to know he was able to come to the reunion, although our paths didn't cross during the events I'm sad to say. So glad he had some time to visit with many old friends before his untimely and unexpected passing. May the wonderful memories he created with his wife and children provide comfort for them. With sympathy and prayers,

Carole and Dave Chicoine (Nannery)

07/30/12 12:50 PM #19    

Edward O'Connell (O'Connellinin)

Got to play golf a couple times w/ Bill thanks to invites from Crowe.  Bill was prolly the slowest moving golfer I ever played behind, and he could git mad as hell if you tole him so.  I was kinda like Ragghianti when I heard the news ... just dumbfounded it happened so soon after the re-union.

Reminded me of when I heard Rich Ongaro passed away in that damned plane crash.  Felt like someone had punched me in the stomach when I heard that news.  

Bill and I had some nice talks at the gathering, mostly bashing Crowe.  Crowe says Bill and Bob (McMullen) are waitin'.  My beliefs don't go there, but, if they did, I hope the two of 'em save a couple virgins for Crowe while they are waitin'.  Me?  I'd hope the *waitin' place* would be filled with more experienced women.

Ah, what the hell.   

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