The Deer Park Villa was the scene of the real reunion social event.  Beginning at 6:00 PM, a crowd of over 100 joined to share each others company, to relive old memories, to rekindle old friendships, and to make new friends.  What a wonderful time we had together!!!

Mike Conley (Colleen's beau), Dave Paynter and his lovely wife

John Rilla & his lovely wife

John Ravizza & Carol Finn

Leslie Young, Ken Waegner (Maureen), Don Moritz (Jennifer) & Maureen Monahan

Pat Nolan & Carolyn McNamara

Mike Garvey & his lovely wife Kitty

Dave Paynter, his lovely wife, John Goddard, Mike Garvey

Colleen Handley & Frank Murnane

John Goddard, Pat Nolan, Sheila Keena

John, Pat, Colleen & Sheila

Frank Murnane, lovely wife and Frank Solomon

John Goddard, date, Mike Conley (Colleen) and Hugh Smith

Carol Lagomarsino, Gretchen Droesch, and Bob Droesch

Pete Grant gives big hug to Valerie Fitzharris while John Rilla calmly looks on!Luisa Miranda, Dave and Valerie

Ann Cunningham, Jo Dodson, and Jean LangFrank Dolman & Petite Sousa

Jim Maloney and Pete McCann

Petite Sousa & Terri Maloney (Jim's wife). They worked together for 34 years at St. Rita kindergarten!!

Pat Nolan, Jennifer DeLucca, Stan (Jennifer's husband) and Don (Pat's husband)Gloria Ahrens & Joanne Caselli

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